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THE BEATLES - The Get Back Chronicles 1969 Vol.1 Of 3

Thanks To josepmn
THE BEATLES - The Get Back Chronicles 1969 Vol.1

16 chapters 90 minutes Color/ Black and White
In January of 1969 The Beatles gathered together 
to film and record to what become 
"Let It Be".....
Preseneted here for the first time is every known clip, 
put in chronological order of events and with
correct audio to the best of ability. 
All clips have been indentified, synched with correct audio! You
will enjoy this more than you think! 
The rooftop concert is now a really treat - add'l audio, all in
stereo and every clip of footage found - more than you think. 
Watching that will really impress you!
All together this is the best yet! Special thanks to British Lions 

for their help in this project....

1. JANUARY 2, 1969 Thursday
Set Up
Tuning/ Dialogue
Don't Let Me Down
I've Got a Feeling
Two Of Us
2. JANUARY 3, 1969 Friday
Adios For Strings
Don't Let Me Down
All Things Must Pass Rehearsals
All Things Must Pass
Maxwell's Silver Hammer
3. JANUARY 6, 1969 Monday
Oh Darling
Don't Let Me Down Rehearsals
Don't Let Me Down
Dialogue - The Fight
Two Of Us
4. JANUARY 7, 1969 Tuesday
Get Back
Maxwell's Silver Hammer
Across the Universe
Dig a Pony
5. JANUARY 8, 1969 Wednesday
I Me Mine
Two Of Us
I've Got a Feeling
All Things Must Pass Rehearsals
I Me Mine
6. JANUARY 9, 1969 Thursday
Two of Us
Suzy Parker
I've Got a Feeling
One After 909
Get Back
House of the Rising Sun
7. JANUARY 10, 1969 Friday
Get Back
I'm Talking About You - George Quits
Jamming With Yoko
8. JANUARY 13, 1969 Monday
Dialogue on filming
9. JANUARY 14, 1969 Tuesday
Piano Boogie
John and Yoko Interview for the CBC
Peter Sellers Visits
Mal Tears Down Equipment
10. JANUARY 21, 1969 Tuesday
John Films Rock'n'Roll Circus Introduction
My Baby Left Me
Dig a Pony Playback
Dig a Pony
Don't Let Me Down
12. JANUARY 22, 1969 Wednesday
Dig a Pony
Billy Preston Arrives
13. JANUARY 23, 1969 Thursday
Beatles Arrive at Apple
Billy Preston Arrives
Jamming with Yoko
Billy's Original
Get Back Rehearsal
14.Get Back Rehearsal
15.Get Back Rehearsal
16.Get Back Rehearsal
I'll Get You
I've Got a Feeling
Please Please Me

Audio Codec: AC3 48000Hz 192kb/s
Video Codec: MPEG2 720 x 480 29.97 fps
Video Bitrate: 5877 kbps

Menu: Yes
Chapters: Yes
Artwork: Yes

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