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The Beatles - MCP-002 - The Beatles Television Nine Special

Thanks To MCP
MCP-002 The Beatles Television Nine Special
The Beatles
Television Nine Special
50 minutes

Digitized from VHS and authored by MCP
May 2015
Artwork by guthera

New 2015 transfer includes re-framing. The Big Night Out material and the Television Nine specific material were not framed the same, so I made adjustments so that the framing was uniform. Authored at a higher bitrate than previous versions. The picture is more stable in general by using a time base corrector.
A Canadian TV special from 1965, featuring The Beatles appearance on Big Night Out from 1964. Hosted by Robin Seymour, a DJ in Detroit and Ontario.
In addition to the complete TV special, I have also added an edited version using only the pieces that were taken from Big Night Out (*).

Gas Cooker*
Opening Titles*
The Beatles "All My Loving"*
Lesley Gore "A Girl In Love"
Billy Joe Royal "Down In The Boondocks"
Paul Revere & The Raiders "Louie Louie"
Paul Revere & The Raiders "Stepping Out"
The Beatles "I Wanna Be Your Man"*
Lionel Blair Dancers*
Billy Joe Royal "I Knew You When"
Paul Revere & The Raiders "Louie Louie Go Home"
Kim Weston "Take Me In Your Arms"
The Beatles "Till There Was You"*
Lesley Gore "Sunshine Lollipops and Rainbows"
Lesley Gore "My Town My Guy And Me"
The Bealtes "Please Mr. Postman"*
The Beatles "I Want To Hold Your Hand"*

Video: NTSC/4:3
Audio: AC3/224 kbps/2 Ch
DVD Cover Included
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