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Yes - Live at Lugano Jazz Festival 2004 (ProShot)

Live at Lugano Jazz Festival 


Firebird Suite (Ihor Stravinsky)
Going for the One
Sweet Dreams
I've Seen All Good People
Mind Drive (part one)
South Side of the Sky
Footprints (fragment)
Mind Drive (part two)
Yours Is No Disgrace
Second Initial (solo by Steve Howe)
Catherine Parr (solo by Rick Wakeman)
Long Distance Runaround
The Fish (Schindleria Praematurus)
On The Silent Wings of Freedom (solo by Chris Squire)
Owner Of A Lonely Heart
Rythm Of Love
And You And I
Starship Trooper

Video: PAL/4:3
Audio: AC3/192 Kbps/2 Ch

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