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The Beatles - 1968 - Across the Universe

The Beatles - 1968 - Across the Universe

Candy Trailer

January 7: London Airport
George leaves for Bombay for Wonderwall recording sessions

January 10: EMI Bombay
Wonderwall recording sessions and Inner Light backing track

January 25: Twickenham Film Studios
Filming end piece for Yellow Submarine movie

January 25: Revolution Club
Pattie models-John, Cynthia & George in attendance

February 11: EMI Studio 3
Lady Madonna promo version 1 aired on Hollywood Palace March 30
Lady Madonna promo version 2 aired on Beat Club March 9
Hey Bulldog recorded while making the video for Lady Madonna
Lady Madonna promo version 3 aired on Anthology

February 15: London Airport
John, George, Pattie & Cynthia leave for Rishikesh

February 16: New Delhi Airport
John, George, Pattie & Cynthia arrive in India

February 17: Rishikesh
Academy of Transcendental Meditation with the Maharishi

February 18: London Airport
Paul, Ringo, Jane and Maureen leave for Rishikesh

February 19: New Delhi Airport
Paul, Ringo, Jane and Maureen arrive in India

February 21: Rishikesh
Academy of Transcendental meditation with the Maharishi

February-March: Rishikesh
Pathe UK Newsreel aired March 3
Mal Evans color movies
RAI TV7 Italian TV version 1 aired March 15
RAI TV7 Italian TV version 2

March 26: London Airport
Paul and jane return-BBC TV News

Chappell Studios London
Cilla Black-Step Inside Love released March 8

May 13th: St Regis Hotel NYC
John & Paul: Larry Kane interview

May 14th: Americana Hotel NYC
Press Conference

May 14th
The Tonight Show with Joe Garagiola aired on NBC-TV May 15

May 16: London Airport

May 23: EMI Abbey Road
Paul, Ringo, George Martin with Derek taylor & George's mum Louise-All My Loving documentary

June 6: EMI Studio 3
John with Victor Spinetti Interview for In His Own Write play BBC2 TV Release aired June 22

June 10-11: Big Sur
George with Ravi Shankar

June 11: EMI Studio 2
Helter Skelter & Blackbird filmed for Apple promo film

EMI Studio 2/Paul's backyard
Apple promo films produced by Tony Bramwell

June 18: London Airport
George, Pattie, Ringo & Maureen return from the USA

June 18: Old Vic Theatre London
In His Own Write premiere

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