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Thanks To Yassou
DVD Cover By Deer 5001

Grand Theater 
Foxwoods Resort Casino 
Mashantucket, Connecticut, USA 
DVDylan ID #2038.dl 

SET 1 
Guitar Riffs [fade in to opening titles over 12:14 still followed by continuing still 43:02 until 1st song] 
Things Have Changed 
She Belongs to Me 
Beyond Here Lies Nothin' [final 8:08 & 7:14 trans. to next song obs/2 stills] 
The Night We Called It a Day [start obs/21:08 still] 
Pay in Blood 
Melancholy Mood [final 4:28 & 7:04 trans obs/2 stills] 
Duquesne Whistle [start obs/18:23 cont. still; pause/cut 3:39:11 @29:58:19/8 stills; trans. to next song cut 43:40/2 stills] 
That Old Feeling [clipped/17:14 cont. still; trans. to next song o-t/2:24 still] 
Tangled Up in Blue [start o-t/16:25 still] 
End Set 1 Announcement [obs trans. to Set 2/2:17 still] 


SET 2 
Guitar Riffs [obs. start/1:12:20 cont. still] 
High Water (For Charley Patton) [o-t & unf. 31:05 @48:31:00/3 stills; trans. to next song o-t/18:22 still] 
Why Try To Change Me Now [start/11:17 cont. still] 
Early Roman Kings [unf. 25:07 @54:36:15/2 stills; o-t & unf. 47:22 @55:19:23/3 stills] 
I Could Have Told You [trans. to next song o-t/24:08 still] 
Spirit on the Water [start o-t/1:29 cont. still; trans. to next song o-t/5:14 still] 
Scarlet Town [start o-t 29:20/2 stills; trans. to next song o-t/39:15 still] 
All or Nothing at All [trans. to next song o-t/25:04 still] 
Long and Wasted Years [start o-t/10:18 still; trans. to next song o-t/18:03 still] 
Autumn Leaves [start o-t/17:29 cont. still; audio cut before encore/video cut to match/3:10 still added for a/v sync] 


Blowin' in the Wind [start o-t/3:03 still; trans. to last song o-t/14:10 still] 
Love Sick [start o-t/17:04 cont. still] 
End Thanks & Credits [thanks/credits/salute/fadeout; extracted 41:15 audio from video soundtrack to fill out end applause; added 5:28 repeated clip to accommodate end credits] 

Video: NTSC/16:9
Audio: LPCM/1536 Kbps/2 Ch
DVD Cover Included
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