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THE BEATLES - Sgt. Pepper Companion

THE BEATLES - Sgt. Pepper Companion

The Making Of Sgt. Pepper
(Album documentary - digital transfer from master reel - extended version from Japanese Satellite broadcast)

The Beatles Anthology
(Sgt. Pepper era selections from the Beatles Anthology Director s Cut)

Pepper Era Promo Videos
(remastered & speed corrected)
* Strawberry Fields Forever
* Penny Lane
* Sgt. Pepper - album promo video
* A Day In The Life

Bonus Audio with photo slide show
* Stereo version - MFSL mix
* Mono version
* DTS stereo version
Sgt. Pepper Era audio outtakes

Video: NTSC/4:3
Audio: AC3/448 Kbps/6 Ch
DVD Cover Included

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