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To All Friends & Visitors

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analogkid610 said...

Different Page with links to the awful old links at least Maybe a comment can be made.
Other than the shitty links everything is great. Serious If it was not for the shit multi part links which makes ya jump into the attack zone of death and you have to go with no adblock on
or anything yikes! They are very insistant that I must alter links and create wrong pathways through brutal fields of doom. I feel dirty everytime I have to go I can feel malware crawling all over. UGH If you could get better hosts take a look at
Check the way he has his setup for hosting Its beauty and it dont hurt as bad. Im being real take it as salt or gold but its true

analogkid610 said...

You are not right I got pieces of a show and it took forever than that scammy Ausfile said I have to pay . I dont trust them or you for doing such a foul thing make it right. Heres why you should make it right. Im not some lame. I have action on major platforms lots of peeps who come to me for content. Lots of peeps who listen to me. Does this sound good? It is for me ... for you? NOT SO MUCH. Make it right or I will direct whatever shitstorm possible your way. I will go after any and all of your platforms. And I will stop doing what I normally do just to focus ALL of my attention on you. Google my name to see if Im just blowing smoke at you analogkid6103.
I will begin new project. Soon or you make right. email me and work it out. Or I will proceed against you anywhere I find you.And I will quit my sharing and ONLY search for Your endeavers. I have plenty of time. And much anger against Fake sharing. Do you understand?